Work from Home is the future

Place dependence has been the answer to the whole human experience if you decided to get a Work India job. Working from home was not even a hope, and the key to productivity was proximity.

Try to look back at what in the past led to a dependency on location? It points to technology & infrastructure, which is only available in the central workspaces. Lack of advancement in technology has not allowed flexibility in the work environment.

Think for a moment. People have moved from nomads to residing in different cities to earning bread and butter. It has now reached the stage where staying in the same place where you are employed, will not even stop you from needing to drive to work. In some of the world’s largest cities, it’s not unusual to commute to work for 2 hours.


Evolution of Remote Work

The telecommuting idea has been around for some time now. Today the technology has given industry-wide exposure to companies of every size. Now the internet lets you function remotely. You feel the most successful from any corner of the planet.

Sixty-four percent of millennials would like the chance to operate from home, according to a PwC survey. There are still many companies and tech startups scared to allow remote internships. It’s hard for entrepreneurs to believe that they can have teams all over the world, and still run a successful company. This is due to the myths circulating over productivity and collaboration terms about remote work. 

Ten years ago, remote jobs meant a telemarketing or customer service job at a lower minimum wage. Nowadays, work from home is very popular with freelancers. A wide range of graphic designers, developers, bloggers, and authors is working remotely. This is made possible by the availability of high-speed Internet, cloud-based tools, and flexible workspaces.


Current Trends in Remote Work

Remote work is a reality today and occurs now. Global workplace analytics reported that at least once a week, 90 percent of employees are working remotely. You may already work remotely without even realizing it, too. Companies facilitate phone calls to workers and communicate through screen sharing. All this because few of the teams have already been distributed across various regions.

Have you ever updated your emails on holiday or while you were traveling for business or studying for AMCAT? All of your work is done on the internet; you communicate through cloud-based tools. You’re electronically linked to your coworkers without being physically present in the office of your client.



Remote work is on the expansion. Not only staff but employers have accepted remote work and begun to work remotely in the last couple of years. The number of remote workers will increase substantially in the future.

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