Do you have trouble sending Message or changing the number of your Message center? I think, yes. You’re here because of that. That is the right place to get your questions answered. I will explain in detail about this problem.

When you send Message you will get’ unable to send’ error, this error is mainly caused by changing the number of the Mobile Message center. Sometimes it could also be a network fault. So its the right decision to go for Vodafone message center number.

You do not have enough space to send an SMS either. Or you are using the wrong SMS core number on Vodafone. As a consequence, errors such as “incapable of sending SMS,” “Text Not Sent, Try Again” and so on can be seen. Message center number is a portal to the mobile network server between your mobile number through which your message gets transmitted.

At first, we don’t need to restore this number on our mobile phone when we first insert the sim into our mobile phone; it will be reset automatically by the network. But sometimes we change the number accidentally with another or delete the entire message.

The SMS centre then forward the SMS towards the target. The Message main purpose in routing messages and in controlling the process. Sometimes, if the phone of the rec receiver is inaccessible because it is turned off or something.

How to Restart Vodafone Message center number

Vodafone Message Center Number

To help you out here we had shared the Vodafone SMS center numbers with you. You can then start sending Message  without any problems.  But just let’s learn what an SMS Center Number is before that. So we go here:

  • Open the message box first, and then press the Settings option from the top left corner.
  • Then you’ll see a three-point icon on the top right, click on it, then go to settings.
  • Now scroll down and tap SMSC Number.
  • Eventually, enter your state-based SMS center code and save it.

Vodafone message / SMS center number for different states like Delhi, Punjab, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Rajasthan etc. The same Vodafone text message center number can be used anywhere in India where you can get quick access through service number of vodafone. Check the message center number given below.

Vodafone Message center number–+ 919846000040

Vodafone SMS Center Number

  • Andhra Pradesh +919885005444
  • Assam 919706099990
  • BIHAR & JHARKHAND +919709099990
  • Chennai +919843000040
  • Delhi +919811009998
  • Gujarat +919825001002
  • Haryana +919839099999
  • HIMACHAL PRADESH +919736009911
  • JAMMU & KASHMIR +919796009905
  • Karnataka +919886005444
  • Kerala +919846000040
  • Kolkata +919830099990
  • M & G +919823000040
  • MadhyaPradesh & Chhattisgarh +919713099990
  • Mumbai +919820205446
  • NORTH EAST +919774099990
  • Orissa +919776099990
  • Punjab +919888009998
  • Rajasthan +919839099999
  • ROTN +919884005444
  • UP East +919839099999
  • UP West +919719009998
  • West Bengal +919732099990

So, restoring or saving your missing Vodafone message center number into your mobile phone was the entire process. You can use any smartphone locker which is easily available for download in the Play Store to save that from children. The above information is given in details about Vodafone message center for any queries please comment us

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