In this day and age, with our many degrees and stable careers, how many are ready to dive into a dream or spark the embers that made us take the direction we took in education.



Below are some inspirational people who have decided to abandon their financial and corporate stability to fulfill their small business ideas. They took the road less traveled to ensure that there were readily available better and faster services by clicking a button. They worked their ingenuity and talent for the common good, backed by their solid knowledge. These startups included Education, Online shopping, Dating sites in India, healthcare, etc.



Meet Tanmay Keshav and Maulik Desai, who took them together in their love of nature, wildlife, and travel. We found many National Parks lacked the pure knowledge enthusiastic ‘safarists’ like them wanted during their journeys. They wanted to create a website in 2013 that would put together travelers like them to share memories, destinations, observations, and even costs. The site was designed in such a way that its viewers could see the goals, the unique features, and create a species checklist. The lack of information and awareness makes it less travelable for specific places and destinations. Their vision is to create an integral database of all these locations.



The hard work done by Pratik Doshi built his paragliding empire. He ventured into a remote area armed with an umbrella adorned with his drawing. Pratik left his post-graduate work with little but small money for his paragliding fantasy. It wasn’t easy to choose his dream over a comfortable monthly paycheck from Internshala, but he soon caught the rewards, earning now in a quarter of a year what his peers would earn in two years. There have been tough days, but he has been working hard. Chunky cheek’s seven-member team faces the pressure of the fast-growing business, but they look to expand and hire soon.



The names behind this Blog are Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal. Starting as a deals website in 2010, Snapdeal established its online presence by September 2011. Upon graduation from prestigious colleges, an enticing career path didn’t distract the MBA graduates from their vision of launching Snapdeal. As one of the fastest-growing firms, Snapdeal had its fair share of hiccups, but they were able to get back on their feet, take good chances, meet customer expectations, and push forward. Moving forward and moving fast is a principle it abides by, ensuring experimentation is conducted on a smaller scale. They are the first online marketplace in India, which helps others to set up shop. Their insistence on consumer service will be something to draw away from the way they molded this business.



The idea of this company was born when they had to drive every time their founders became disappointed in looking for cabs—finally settled on a radio taxi industry, after a series of brainstorming sessions. They went through their fair share struggles like any other startup to eventually become what they are today. Taxiforsure aims to give its customers free, efficient, and simple transportation. Taxiforsure started with 25 cab operators in Bangalore and 15 in Delhi in 2011, with Radhakrishna and Raghunandan. More than two lakh happy customers now have their humble beginnings at a rooftop bungalow.

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