Killer companies for MBA Internships

1. McKinsey

According to the company website, the internship program is “the best internships in India to explore management consultancy at McKinsey.” Interns spend their summers working as a member of the customer engagement team at McKinsey. Usually, each office determines whether to make a permanent offer by the end of the internship or not. Throughout the summer, the duration of the internship is often 8 to 12 weeks.


2. Deloitte

Summer associates at Deloitte work for an international clientele and through a wide variety of industries. Interns are held responsible for various client-facing tasks, including interviewing staff, collecting data, analyzing issues, formulating and making recommendations, and helping clients implement proposed solutions. Based on their performance, summer associates may be offered a full-time position.


3. Amazon

Amazon’s MBA program serves as the company’s leadership pipeline and requires interns to complete different practical tasks. It is said that interns are given responsibilities that allow them to make strategic decisions with the potential to impact Amazon’s customers and business significantly. Retail, accounting, stock management, and operations management are all functional fields open to interns.


4. Google

Google’s Summer internships enable MBAs to learn more about technology industry business careers and improve their skillsets. In addition to the regular duties, interns take part in a program that introduces them to the many aspects of Google’s company. Providing interns with functional areas includes product management, finance, sales and account management, and marketing and communication.


5. Goldman Sachs

The internship begins with a company-wide orientation in which MBAs learn about the corporate culture of Goldman Sachs, as well as the advantages and obligations that come with working there. Division-specific training also involves interns. For more information on how to apply, please visit the Goldman Sachs Summer Associate Program website. As part of the New Associate program, high-performing summer associates can be welcomed back full time.


6. Genentech

According to the company, Genentech ‘s MBA internship program enables MBAs to “enjoy hands-on work in a fast-paced and demanding environment.” By working on business-critical ventures, interns gain the first-hand experience in the biotech industry. Practitioners will present their end-of-summer project results to senior management after the internship. The company is well-known for its work-life balance so that you can binge-watch new web series.


7. EY

The financial services company offers multi-faceted internships, including consultancy, insurance, tax, and transaction consultancy services. The interns make between $26 to $29 an hour. “You will benefit from learning, experience, and coaching during the internship, which will help you reach your goals and adapt successfully to professional life,” the corporate blog says.



These were some of the killer top MNC companies in India for MBA internships. Students pursuing an MBA should go ahead with these internships as they give a boost to your CV or Resume.

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