There are folklore or stories in every organization, which shape the company’s culture. These stories are compelling because they have long remained with the organization.



Stories recalled and propagating themselves. They also have high power to shape how future employees think about the organization and the steps they take in the face of challenges. The more authentic and real those stories are, the higher their power. Though almost every creator has said that they embellish their stories


1. Founding Story

The founding story is quite self-explanatory about how the venture came about. What was the impetus or the drive which began the venture? Most small business ideas are created to deal with a problem, and the founding stories usually speak about how the founder discovered the problem. This is the most important story for any organization. It lets you identify with customers. It allows new staff to align with the mission, and It also makes your objectives understood by the wider community and why you set out on that path.

We came across entrepreneurs who just launched a company because there was something they were fantastic at. Not that they found a problem, or deliberately tried to fix it. Our advice for these creators will be to take some time to talk about the clients and the challenges they face. Why is it that your being nice makes them solve their problem? That’s going to be central to your initial growth.


2. First Success Story

Your first customer, your first delivery, your early success is always individual, and it sets the tone for what it means to be successful within the organisation. As Ben Thompson has said in his blog

Culture begets no success, and it is the achievement that gives rise to work from home internships.

Bill Gates sold to IBM an Operating System he hadn’t built, didn’t know if he could make it or not. He then returned and nearly killed himself for delivering an operating system that came to be known as MS-DOS. It is this success story which drives what is expected of Microsoft employees. How they can distinguish and excel. Likewise, how you got your first client. What drew you to them. Both aspects of the startup news are what has made the company the right option for them.


3. Customer Stories

The proof of the pudding is that it is eaten or at least heard by those who have. If you fix a problem, it should make an impression, and it will change lives. A customer ‘s story that is experiencing this change is one of the most potent stories, both internally and externally for the organisation. Stories of customers need to be collected over time and nurtured. It would help if you looked out for stories like that. Hotel chains like Marriott also do a great job of gathering them and showcasing them. They are mighty in the long run and a real differentiator.

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